You can disable autoupdate in Chrome - we do this in our organisation.
On Windows, you need to edit the following registry key:


If the keys don't exist, then create them. This turns off the autoupdate feature,


NOTE when it says preferences files it means: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences (which has no file extension ie *.txt) The preferences file can be opened with Editpad Pro, or other text editors.

1) Open Google Chrome, and go to the extensions manager page.
2) Click 'Developer mode' (top right hand corner of the page)
3) Copy the Extension ID of the extension that you want to disable auto-updating.
4) locate and open the preferences file mentioned earlier using Notepad++
5) HOLD Ctrl+F and paste in the ID
6) There should be a line near the ID that says
"update_url": "<website>",
7) if not press find next until you see the above line.
8) Replace that line with: (including punctuation)
"update_url": "",