If you are to ever write a tweet that’s longer than 140 characters, you have a couple of options. You can either split the message into multiple tweets or you can use a service like that not only lets you compose essay-style messages but you may also attach documents, pictures and other files to your tweets.

Twitter has recently rolled out the picture uploads feature to all accounts worldwide. What that means is you can include an image with your tweet and your followers, or anyone else who sees that tweet, can view the content of that picture inline without having to leave the Twitter website. See this tweet for an example.

The idea is that if you can convert your “long text” into a 317×317 image, people can read your message inside Twitter itself like in the following screenshot. And this works on mobile phones too.

Almost any photo editing tool – even Paint – can be used to create a text based images but remember to use the PNG or GIF image formats while saving these images.