Chrome | The Chromium Projects | Policy List

Chrome | The Chromium Projects | Policy List

Both Chromium and Google Chrome support the same set of policies. Please note that this document may include unreleased policies (i.e. their 'Supported on' entry refers to a not-yet released version of Google Chrome) which are subject to change or removal without notice and for which no guarantees of any kind are provided, including no guarantees with respect to their security and privacy properties.

These policies are strictly intended to be used to configure instances of Google Chrome internal to your organization. Use of these policies outside of your organization (for example, in a publicly distributed program) is considered malware and will likely be labeled as malware by Google and anti-virus vendors.

These settings don't need to be configured manually! Easy-to-use templates for Windows, Mac and Linux are available for download from

The recommended way to configure policy on Windows is via GPO, although provisioning policy via registry is still supported for Windows instances that are joined to a Microsoft® Active Directory® domain.

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Policy NameDescription
Accessibility settings
ShowAccessibilityOptionsInSystemTrayMenuShow accessibility options in system tray menu
LargeCursorEnabledEnable large cursor
SpokenFeedbackEnabledEnable spoken feedback
HighContrastEnabledEnable high contrast mode
VirtualKeyboardEnabledEnable on-screen keyboard
KeyboardDefaultToFunctionKeysMedia keys default to function keys
ScreenMagnifierTypeSet screen magnifier type
DeviceLoginScreenDefaultLargeCursorEnabledSet default state of the large cursor on the login screen
DeviceLoginScreenDefaultSpokenFeedbackEnabledSet the default state of spoken feedback on the login screen
DeviceLoginScreenDefaultHighContrastEnabledSet the default state of high contrast mode on the login screen
DeviceLoginScreenDefaultVirtualKeyboardEnabledSet default state of the on-screen keyboard on the login screen
DeviceLoginScreenDefaultScreenMagnifierTypeSet the default screen magnifier type enabled on the login screen
Android settings
ArcEnabledEnable ARC
UnaffiliatedArcAllowedAllow unaffiliated users to use ARC
ArcPolicyConfigure ARC
ArcAppInstallEventLoggingEnabledLog events for Android app installs
ArcBackupRestoreServiceEnabledControl Android backup and restore service
ArcGoogleLocationServicesEnabledControl Android Google location services
ArcCertificatesSyncModeSet certificate availability for ARC-apps
Content Settings
DefaultCookiesSettingDefault cookies setting
DefaultImagesSettingDefault images setting
DefaultJavaScriptSettingDefault JavaScript setting
DefaultPluginsSettingDefault Flash setting
DefaultPopupsSettingDefault popups setting
DefaultNotificationsSettingDefault notification setting
DefaultGeolocationSettingDefault geolocation setting
DefaultMediaStreamSettingDefault mediastream setting
DefaultWebBluetoothGuardSettingControl use of the Web Bluetooth API
DefaultWebUsbGuardSettingControl use of the WebUSB API
AutoSelectCertificateForUrlsAutomatically select client certificates for these sites
CookiesAllowedForUrlsAllow cookies on these sites
CookiesBlockedForUrlsBlock cookies on these sites
CookiesSessionOnlyForUrlsLimit cookies from matching URLs to the current session
ImagesAllowedForUrlsAllow images on these sites
ImagesBlockedForUrlsBlock images on these sites
JavaScriptAllowedForUrlsAllow JavaScript on these sites
JavaScriptBlockedForUrlsBlock JavaScript on these sites
PluginsAllowedForUrlsAllow the Flash plugin on these sites
PluginsBlockedForUrlsBlock the Flash plugin on these sites
PopupsAllowedForUrlsAllow popups on these sites
RegisteredProtocolHandlersRegister protocol handlers
PopupsBlockedForUrlsBlock popups on these sites
NotificationsAllowedForUrlsAllow notifications on these sites
NotificationsBlockedForUrlsBlock notifications on these sites
WebUsbAllowDevicesForUrlsAutomatically grant permission to these sites to connect to USB devices with the given vendor and product IDs.
WebUsbAskForUrlsAllow WebUSB on these sites
WebUsbBlockedForUrlsBlock WebUSB on these sites
Date and time
SystemTimezoneAutomaticDetectionConfigure the automatic timezone detection method
SystemUse24HourClockUse 24 hour clock by default
Default search provider
DefaultSearchProviderEnabledEnable the default search provider
DefaultSearchProviderNameDefault search provider name
DefaultSearchProviderKeywordDefault search provider keyword
DefaultSearchProviderSearchURLDefault search provider search URL
DefaultSearchProviderSuggestURLDefault search provider suggest URL
DefaultSearchProviderIconURLDefault search provider icon
DefaultSearchProviderEncodingsDefault search provider encodings
DefaultSearchProviderAlternateURLsList of alternate URLs for the default search provider
DefaultSearchProviderImageURLParameter providing search-by-image feature for the default search provider
DefaultSearchProviderNewTabURLDefault search provider new tab page URL
DefaultSearchProviderSearchURLPostParamsParameters for search URL which uses POST
DefaultSearchProviderSuggestURLPostParamsParameters for suggest URL which uses POST
DefaultSearchProviderImageURLPostParamsParameters for image URL which uses POST
Device update settings
ChromeOsReleaseChannelRelease channel
ChromeOsReleaseChannelDelegatedUsers may configure the Chrome OS release channel
DeviceAutoUpdateDisabledDisable Auto Update
DeviceAutoUpdateP2PEnabledAuto update p2p enabled
DeviceAutoUpdateTimeRestrictionsUpdate Time Restrictions
DeviceTargetVersionPrefixTarget Auto Update Version
DeviceUpdateStagingScheduleThe staging schedule for applying a new update
DeviceUpdateScatterFactorAuto update scatter factor
DeviceUpdateAllowedConnectionTypesConnection types allowed for updates
DeviceUpdateHttpDownloadsEnabledAllow autoupdate downloads via HTTP
RebootAfterUpdateAutomatically reboot after update
MinimumRequiredChromeVersionConfigure minimum allowed Chrome version for the device.
DeviceRollbackToTargetVersionRollback to target version
DeviceRollbackAllowedMilestonesNumber of milestones rollback is allowed
DeviceQuickFixBuildTokenProvide users with Quick Fix Build.
DeviceDisplayResolutionSet display resolution and scale factor
DisplayRotationDefaultSet default display rotation, reapplied on every reboot
ExtensionInstallBlacklistConfigure extension installation blacklist
ExtensionInstallWhitelistConfigure extension installation whitelist
ExtensionInstallForcelistConfigure the list of force-installed apps and extensions
ExtensionInstallSourcesConfigure extension, app, and user script install sources
ExtensionAllowedTypesConfigure allowed app/extension types
ExtensionAllowInsecureUpdatesAllow insecure algorithms in integrity checks on extension updates and installs
ExtensionSettingsExtension management settings
UninstallBlacklistedExtensionsUninstall blacklisted extensions
Google Assistant
VoiceInteractionContextEnabled"Allow Google Assistant to access screen context"
VoiceInteractionHotwordEnabledAllow Google Assistant to listen for the voice activation phrase
Google Cast
EnableMediaRouterEnable Google Cast
ShowCastIconInToolbarShow the Google Cast toolbar icon
Google Drive
DriveDisabledDisable Drive in the Google Chrome OS Files app
DriveDisabledOverCellularDisable Google Drive over cellular connections in the Google Chrome OS Files app
HTTP authentication
AuthSchemesSupported authentication schemes
DisableAuthNegotiateCnameLookupDisable CNAME lookup when negotiating Kerberos authentication
EnableAuthNegotiatePortInclude non-standard port in Kerberos SPN
AuthServerWhitelistAuthentication server whitelist
AuthNegotiateDelegateWhitelistKerberos delegation server whitelist
AuthNegotiateDelegateByKdcPolicyUse KDC policy to delegate credentials.
GSSAPILibraryNameGSSAPI library name
AuthAndroidNegotiateAccountTypeAccount type for HTTP Negotiate authentication
AllowCrossOriginAuthPromptCross-origin HTTP Basic Auth prompts
NtlmV2EnabledEnable NTLMv2 authentication.
Kiosk settings
DeviceLocalAccountsDevice-local accounts
DeviceLocalAccountAutoLoginIdDevice-local account for auto-login
DeviceLocalAccountAutoLoginDelayDevice-local account auto-login timer
DeviceLocalAccountAutoLoginBailoutEnabledEnable bailout keyboard shortcut for auto-login
DeviceLocalAccountPromptForNetworkWhenOfflineEnable network configuration prompt when offline
AllowKioskAppControlChromeVersionAllow the auto launched with zero delay kiosk app to control Google Chrome OS version
Legacy Browser Support
AlternativeBrowserPathAlternative browser to launch for configured websites.
AlternativeBrowserParametersCommand-line parameters for the alternative browser.
BrowserSwitcherChromePathPath to Chrome for switching from the alternative browser.
BrowserSwitcherChromeParametersCommand-line parameters for switching from the alternative browser.
BrowserSwitcherDelayDelay before launching alternative browser (milliseconds)
BrowserSwitcherEnabledEnable the Legacy Browser Support feature.
BrowserSwitcherExternalSitelistUrlURL of an XML file that contains URLs to load in an alternative browser.
BrowserSwitcherKeepLastChromeTabKeep last tab open in Chrome.
BrowserSwitcherUrlListWebsites to open in alternative browser
BrowserSwitcherUrlGreylistWebsites that should never trigger a browser switch.
BrowserSwitcherUseIeSitelistUse Internet Explorer's SiteList policy for Legacy Browser Support.
Linux container
VirtualMachinesAllowedAllow devices to run virtual machines on Chrome OS
CrostiniAllowedUser is enabled to run Crostini
DeviceUnaffiliatedCrostiniAllowedAllow unaffiliated users to use Crostini
CrostiniExportImportUIAllowedUser is enabled to export / import Crostini containers via the UI
Microsoft® Active Directory® management settings
DeviceMachinePasswordChangeRateMachine password change rate
DeviceUserPolicyLoopbackProcessingModeUser policy loopback processing mode
DeviceKerberosEncryptionTypesAllowed Kerberos encryption types
DeviceGpoCacheLifetimeGPO cache lifetime
DeviceAuthDataCacheLifetimeAuthentication data cache lifetime
Native Messaging
NativeMessagingBlacklistConfigure native messaging blacklist
NativeMessagingWhitelistConfigure native messaging whitelist
NativeMessagingUserLevelHostsAllow user-level Native Messaging hosts (installed without admin permissions)
Network File Shares settings
NetworkFileSharesAllowedContorls Network File Shares for ChromeOS availability
NetBiosShareDiscoveryEnabledControls Network File Share discovery via NetBIOS
NTLMShareAuthenticationEnabledControls enabling NTLM as an authentication protocol for SMB mounts
NetworkFileSharesPreconfiguredSharesList of preconfigured network file shares.
Network settings
DeviceOpenNetworkConfigurationDevice-level network configuration
DeviceDataRoamingEnabledEnable data roaming
NetworkThrottlingEnabledEnable throttling network bandwidth
DeviceHostnameTemplateDevice network hostname template
DeviceWiFiFastTransitionEnabledEnable 802.11r Fast Transition
DeviceWiFiAllowedEnable WiFi
DeviceDockMacAddressSourceDevice MAC address source when docked
UsbDetachableWhitelistWhitelist of USB detachable devices
DeviceAllowBluetoothAllow bluetooth on device
TPMFirmwareUpdateSettingsConfigure TPM firmware update behavior
DevicePolicyRefreshRateRefresh rate for Device Policy
DeviceBlockDevmodeBlock developer mode
DeviceAllowRedeemChromeOsRegistrationOffersAllow users to redeem offers through Chrome OS Registration
DeviceQuirksDownloadEnabledEnable queries to Quirks Server for hardware profiles
ExtensionCacheSizeSet Apps and Extensions cache size (in bytes)
DeviceOffHoursOff hours intervals when the specified device policies are released
Password manager
PasswordManagerEnabledEnable saving passwords to the password manager
PluginVmAllowedAllow devices to use a PluginVm on Google Chrome OS
PluginVmLicenseKeyPluginVm license key
PluginVmImagePluginVm image
Power and shutdown
DeviceLoginScreenPowerManagementPower management on the login screen
UptimeLimitLimit device uptime by automatically rebooting
DeviceRebootOnShutdownAutomatic reboot on device shutdown
Power management
ScreenDimDelayACScreen dim delay when running on AC power
ScreenOffDelayACScreen off delay when running on AC power
ScreenLockDelayACScreen lock delay when running on AC power
IdleWarningDelayACIdle warning delay when running on AC power
IdleDelayACIdle delay when running on AC power
ScreenDimDelayBatteryScreen dim delay when running on battery power
ScreenOffDelayBatteryScreen off delay when running on battery power
ScreenLockDelayBatteryScreen lock delay when running on battery power
IdleWarningDelayBatteryIdle warning delay when running on battery power
IdleDelayBatteryIdle delay when running on battery power
IdleActionAction to take when the idle delay is reached
IdleActionACAction to take when the idle delay is reached while running on AC power
IdleActionBatteryAction to take when the idle delay is reached while running on battery power
LidCloseActionAction to take when the user closes the lid
PowerManagementUsesAudioActivitySpecify whether audio activity affects power management
PowerManagementUsesVideoActivitySpecify whether video activity affects power management
PresentationScreenDimDelayScalePercentage by which to scale the screen dim delay in presentation mode
AllowWakeLocksAllow wake locks
AllowScreenWakeLocksAllow screen wake locks
UserActivityScreenDimDelayScalePercentage by which to scale the screen dim delay if the user becomes active after dimming
WaitForInitialUserActivityWait for initial user activity
PowerManagementIdleSettingsPower management settings when the user becomes idle
ScreenLockDelaysScreen lock delays
PowerSmartDimEnabledEnable smart dim model to extend the time until the screen is dimmed
ScreenBrightnessPercentScreen brightness percent
DevicePowerPeakShiftBatteryThresholdSet power peak shift battery threshold in percent
DevicePowerPeakShiftDayConfigSet power peak shift day config
DevicePowerPeakShiftEnabledEnable power peak shift
DeviceBootOnAcEnabledEnable boot on AC (alternating current)
DeviceAdvancedBatteryChargeModeEnabledEnable advanced battery charge mode
DeviceAdvancedBatteryChargeModeDayConfigSet advanced battery charge mode day config
DeviceBatteryChargeModeBattery charge mode
DeviceBatteryChargeCustomStartChargingSet battery charge custom start charging in percent
DeviceBatteryChargeCustomStopChargingSet battery charge custom stop charging in percent
DeviceUsbPowerShareEnabledEnable USB power share
PrintingEnabledEnable printing
CloudPrintProxyEnabledEnable Google Cloud Print proxy
PrintingAllowedColorModesRestrict printing color mode
PrintingAllowedDuplexModesRestrict printing duplex mode
PrintingColorDefaultDefault printing color mode
PrintingDuplexDefaultDefault printing duplex mode
CloudPrintSubmitEnabledEnable submission of documents to Google Cloud Print
DisablePrintPreviewDisable Print Preview
PrintHeaderFooterPrint Headers and Footers
DefaultPrinterSelectionDefault printer selection rules
NativePrintersNative Printing
NativePrintersBulkConfigurationEnterprise printer configuration file
NativePrintersBulkAccessModePrinter configuration access policy.
NativePrintersBulkBlacklistDisabled enterprise printers
NativePrintersBulkWhitelistEnabled enterprise printers
DeviceNativePrintersEnterprise printer configuration file for devices
DeviceNativePrintersAccessModeDevice printers configuration access policy.
DeviceNativePrintersBlacklistDisabled enterprise device printers
DeviceNativePrintersWhitelistEnabled enterprise device printers
PrintPreviewUseSystemDefaultPrinterUse System Default Printer as Default
Proxy server
ProxyModeChoose how to specify proxy server settings
ProxyServerModeChoose how to specify proxy server settings
ProxyServerAddress or URL of proxy server
ProxyPacUrlURL to a proxy .pac file
ProxyBypassListProxy bypass rules
Quick unlock
QuickUnlockModeWhitelistConfigure allowed quick unlock modes
QuickUnlockTimeoutSet how often user has to enter password to use quick unlock
PinUnlockMinimumLengthSet the minimum length of the lock screen PIN
PinUnlockMaximumLengthSet the maximum length of the lock screen PIN
PinUnlockWeakPinsAllowedEnable users to set weak PINs for the lock screen PIN
Remote Attestation
AttestationEnabledForDeviceEnable remote attestation for the device
AttestationEnabledForUserEnable remote attestation for the user
AttestationExtensionWhitelistExtensions allowed to to use the remote attestation API
AttestationForContentProtectionEnabledEnable the use of remote attestation for content protection for the device
Remote access
RemoteAccessHostClientDomainConfigure the required domain name for remote access clients
RemoteAccessHostClientDomainListConfigure the required domain names for remote access clients
RemoteAccessHostFirewallTraversalEnable firewall traversal from remote access host
RemoteAccessHostDomainConfigure the required domain name for remote access hosts
RemoteAccessHostDomainListConfigure the required domain names for remote access hosts
RemoteAccessHostTalkGadgetPrefixConfigure the TalkGadget prefix for remote access hosts
RemoteAccessHostRequireCurtainEnable curtaining of remote access hosts
RemoteAccessHostAllowClientPairingEnable or disable PIN-less authentication for remote access hosts
RemoteAccessHostAllowGnubbyAuthAllow gnubby authentication for remote access hosts
RemoteAccessHostAllowRelayedConnectionEnable the use of relay servers by the remote access host
RemoteAccessHostUdpPortRangeRestrict the UDP port range used by the remote access host
RemoteAccessHostMatchUsernameRequire that the name of the local user and the remote access host owner match
RemoteAccessHostTokenUrlURL where remote access clients should obtain their authentication token
RemoteAccessHostTokenValidationUrlURL for validating remote access client authentication token
RemoteAccessHostTokenValidationCertificateIssuerClient certificate for connecting to RemoteAccessHostTokenValidationUrl
RemoteAccessHostAllowUiAccessForRemoteAssistanceAllow remote users to interact with elevated windows in remote assistance sessions
RemoteAccessHostAllowFileTransferAllow remote access users to transfer files to/from the host
Safe Browsing settings
SafeBrowsingEnabledEnable Safe Browsing
SafeBrowsingExtendedReportingEnabledEnable Safe Browsing Extended Reporting
SafeBrowsingExtendedReportingOptInAllowedAllow users to opt in to Safe Browsing extended reporting
SafeBrowsingWhitelistDomainsConfigure the list of domains on which Safe Browsing will not trigger warnings.
PasswordProtectionWarningTriggerPassword protection warning trigger
PasswordProtectionLoginURLsConfigure the list of enterprise login URLs where password protection service should capture fingerprint of password.
PasswordProtectionChangePasswordURLConfigure the change password URL.
settings
DeviceGuestModeEnabledEnable guest mode
DeviceUserWhitelistLogin user white list
DeviceAllowNewUsersAllow creation of new user accounts
DeviceLoginScreenDomainAutoCompleteEnable domain name autocomplete during user sign in
DeviceShowUserNamesOnSigninShow usernames on login screen
DeviceWallpaperImageDevice wallpaper image
DeviceEphemeralUsersEnabledWipe user data on sign-out
LoginAuthenticationBehaviorConfigure the login authentication behavior
DeviceTransferSAMLCookiesTransfer SAML IdP cookies during login
LoginVideoCaptureAllowedUrlsURLs that will be granted access to video capture devices on SAML login pages
DeviceLoginScreenExtensionsConfigure the list of installed apps on the login screen
DeviceLoginScreenLocalesDevice sign-in screen locale
DeviceLoginScreenInputMethodsDevice sign-in screen keyboard layouts
DeviceSecondFactorAuthenticationIntegrated second factor authentication mode
DeviceLoginScreenIsolateOriginsEnable Site Isolation for specified origins
DeviceLoginScreenSitePerProcessEnable Site Isolation for every site
DeviceLoginScreenAutoSelectCertificateForUrlsAutomatically select client certificates for these sites on the sign-in screen
Startup, Home page and New Tab page
ShowHomeButtonShow Home button on toolbar
HomepageLocationConfigure the home page URL
HomepageIsNewTabPageUse New Tab Page as homepage
NewTabPageLocationConfigure the New Tab page URL
RestoreOnStartupAction on startup
RestoreOnStartupURLsURLs to open on startup
User and device reporting
ReportDeviceVersionInfoReport OS and firmware version
ReportDeviceBootModeReport device boot mode
ReportDeviceUsersReport device users
ReportDeviceActivityTimesReport device activity times
ReportDeviceNetworkInterfacesReport device network interfaces
ReportDeviceHardwareStatusReport hardware status
ReportDeviceSessionStatusReport information about active kiosk sessions
ReportDeviceBoardStatusReport board status
ReportDevicePowerStatusReport power status
ReportDeviceStorageStatusReport storage status
ReportUploadFrequencyFrequency of device status report uploads
ReportArcStatusEnabledReport information about status of Android
HeartbeatEnabledSend network packets to the management server to monitor online status
HeartbeatFrequencyFrequency of monitoring network packets
LogUploadEnabledSend system logs to the management server
DeviceMetricsReportingEnabledEnable metrics reporting
AbusiveExperienceInterventionEnforceAbusive Experience Intervention Enforce
AdsSettingForIntrusiveAdsSitesAds setting for sites with intrusive ads
AllowDeletingBrowserHistoryEnable deleting browser and download history
AllowDinosaurEasterEggAllow Dinosaur Easter Egg Game
AllowFileSelectionDialogsAllow invocation of file selection dialogs
AllowOutdatedPluginsAllow running plugins that are outdated
AllowPopupsDuringPageUnloadAllows a page to show popups during its unloading
AllowScreenLockPermit locking the screen
AllowedDomainsForAppsDefine domains allowed to access G Suite
AllowedInputMethodsConfigure the allowed input methods in a user session
AllowedLanguagesConfigure the allowed languages in a user session
AlternateErrorPagesEnabledEnable alternate error pages
AlwaysOpenPdfExternallyAlways Open PDF files externally
ApplicationLocaleValueApplication locale
AudioCaptureAllowedAllow or deny audio capture
AudioCaptureAllowedUrlsURLs that will be granted access to audio capture devices without prompt
AudioOutputAllowedAllow playing audio
AutoFillEnabledEnable AutoFill
AutofillAddressEnabledEnable AutoFill for addresses
AutofillCreditCardEnabledEnable AutoFill for credit cards
AutoplayAllowedAllow media autoplay
AutoplayWhitelistAllow media autoplay on a whitelist of URL patterns
BackgroundModeEnabledContinue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed
BlockThirdPartyCookiesBlock third party cookies
BookmarkBarEnabledEnable Bookmark Bar
BrowserAddPersonEnabledEnable add person in user manager
BrowserGuestModeEnabledEnable guest mode in browser
BrowserNetworkTimeQueriesEnabledAllow queries to a Google time service
BrowserSigninBrowser sign in settings
BuiltInDnsClientEnabledUse built-in DNS client
CaptivePortalAuthenticationIgnoresProxyCaptive portal authentication ignores proxy
CertificateManagementAllowedAllow users to manage installed certificates.
CertificateTransparencyEnforcementDisabledForCasDisable Certificate Transparency enforcement for a list of subjectPublicKeyInfo hashes
CertificateTransparencyEnforcementDisabledForLegacyCasDisable Certificate Transparency enforcement for a list of Legacy Certificate Authorities
CertificateTransparencyEnforcementDisabledForUrlsDisable Certificate Transparency enforcement for a list of URLs
ChromeCleanupEnabledEnable Chrome Cleanup on Windows
ChromeCleanupReportingEnabledControl how Chrome Cleanup reports data to Google
ChromeOsLockOnIdleSuspendEnable lock when the device become idle or suspended
ChromeOsMultiProfileUserBehaviorControl the user behavior in a multiprofile session
CloudManagementEnrollmentMandatoryEnable mandatory cloud management enrollment
CloudManagementEnrollmentTokenThe enrollment token of cloud policy on desktop
CloudPolicyOverridesPlatformPolicyGoogle Chrome cloud policy overrides Platform policy.
ComponentUpdatesEnabledEnable component updates in Google Chrome
ContextualSearchEnabledEnable Tap to Search
ContextualSuggestionsEnabledEnable contextual suggestions of related web pages
DataCompressionProxyEnabledEnable the data compression proxy feature
DefaultBrowserSettingEnabledSet Google Chrome as Default Browser
DefaultDownloadDirectorySet default download directory
DeveloperToolsAvailabilityControl where Developer Tools can be used
DeveloperToolsDisabledDisable Developer Tools
DeviceLocalAccountManagedSessionEnabledAllow managed session on device
DeviceRebootOnUserSignoutForce device reboot when user sign out
DeviceScheduledUpdateCheckSet custom schedule to check for updates
Disable3DAPIsDisable support for 3D graphics APIs
DisableSafeBrowsingProceedAnywayDisable proceeding from the Safe Browsing warning page
DisableScreenshotsDisable taking screenshots
DisabledPluginsSpecify a list of disabled plugins
DisabledPluginsExceptionsSpecify a list of plugins that the user can enable or disable
DisabledSchemesDisable URL protocol schemes
DiskCacheDirSet disk cache directory
DiskCacheSizeSet disk cache size in bytes
DownloadDirectorySet download directory
DownloadRestrictionsAllow download restrictions
EasyUnlockAllowedAllow Smart Lock to be used
EcryptfsMigrationStrategyMigration strategy for ecryptfs
EditBookmarksEnabledEnable or disable bookmark editing
EnableDeprecatedWebPlatformFeaturesEnable deprecated web platform features for a limited time
EnableOnlineRevocationChecksEnable online OCSP/CRL checks
EnableSyncConsentEnable displaying Sync Consent during sign-in
EnabledPluginsSpecify a list of enabled plugins
EnterpriseHardwarePlatformAPIEnabledEnables managed extensions to use the Enterprise Hardware Platform API
ExternalStorageDisabledDisable mounting of external storage
ExternalStorageReadOnlyTreat external storage devices as read-only
ForceBrowserSigninEnable force sign in for Google Chrome
ForceEphemeralProfilesEphemeral profile
ForceGoogleSafeSearchForce Google SafeSearch
ForceMaximizeOnFirstRunMaximize the first browser window on first run
ForceNetworkInProcessForce networking code to run in the browser process
ForceSafeSearchForce SafeSearch
ForceYouTubeRestrictForce minimum YouTube Restricted Mode
ForceYouTubeSafetyModeForce YouTube Safety Mode
FullscreenAllowedAllow fullscreen mode
HardwareAccelerationModeEnabledUse hardware acceleration when available
HideWebStoreIconHide the web store from the New Tab Page and app launcher
Http09OnNonDefaultPortsEnabledEnable HTTP/0.9 support on non-default ports
ImportAutofillFormDataImport autofill form data from default browser on first run
ImportBookmarksImport bookmarks from default browser on first run
ImportHistoryImport browsing history from default browser on first run
ImportHomepageImport of homepage from default browser on first run
ImportSavedPasswordsImport saved passwords from default browser on first run
ImportSearchEngineImport search engines from default browser on first run
IncognitoEnabledEnable Incognito mode
IncognitoModeAvailabilityIncognito mode availability
InstantTetheringAllowedAllow Instant Tethering to be used.
IsolateOriginsEnable Site Isolation for specified origins
IsolateOriginsAndroidEnable Site Isolation for specified origins on Android devices
JavascriptEnabledEnable JavaScript
KeyPermissionsKey Permissions
MachineLevelUserCloudPolicyEnrollmentTokenThe enrollment token of cloud policy on desktop
ManagedBookmarksManaged Bookmarks
MaxConnectionsPerProxyMaximal number of concurrent connections to the proxy server
MaxInvalidationFetchDelayMaximum fetch delay after a policy invalidation
MediaCacheSizeSet media disk cache size in bytes
MediaRouterCastAllowAllIPsAllow Google Cast to connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses.
MetricsReportingEnabledEnable reporting of usage and crash-related data
NTPContentSuggestionsEnabledShow content suggestions on the New Tab page
NetworkPredictionOptionsEnable network prediction
NoteTakingAppsLockScreenWhitelistWhitelist note-taking apps allowed on the Google Chrome OS lock screen
OpenNetworkConfigurationUser-level network configuration
OverrideSecurityRestrictionsOnInsecureOriginOrigins or hostname patterns for which restrictions on insecure origins should not apply
ParentAccessCodeConfigParent Access Code Configuration
PinnedLauncherAppsList of pinned apps to show in the launcher
PolicyListMultipleSourceMergeListAllow merging list policies from different sources
PolicyRefreshRateRefresh rate for user policy
PromotionalTabsEnabledEnable showing full-tab promotional content
PromptForDownloadLocationAsk where to save each file before downloading
ProxySettingsProxy settings
QuicAllowedAllow QUIC protocol
RelaunchNotificationNotify a user that a browser relaunch or device restart is recommended or required
RelaunchNotificationPeriodSet the time period for update notifications
ReportCrostiniUsageEnabledReport information about usage of Linux apps
RequireOnlineRevocationChecksForLocalAnchorsRequire online OCSP/CRL checks for local trust anchors
RestrictAccountsToPatternsRestrict accounts that are visible in Google Chrome
RestrictSigninToPatternRestrict which Google accounts are allowed to be set as browser primary accounts in Google Chrome
RoamingProfileLocationSet the roaming profile directory
RoamingProfileSupportEnabledEnable the creation of roaming copies for Google Chrome profile data
RunAllFlashInAllowModeExtend Flash content setting to all content
SAMLOfflineSigninTimeLimitLimit the time for which a user authenticated via SAML can log in offline
SSLErrorOverrideAllowedAllow proceeding from the SSL warning page
SSLVersionMinMinimum SSL version enabled
SafeBrowsingForTrustedSourcesEnabledEnable Safe Browsing for trusted sources
SafeSitesFilterBehaviorControl SafeSites adult content filtering.
SavingBrowserHistoryDisabledDisable saving browser history
SchedulerConfigurationSelect task scheduler configuration
SearchSuggestEnabledEnable search suggestions
SecondaryGoogleAccountSigninAllowedAllow Multiple Sign-in Within the Browser
SecurityKeyPermitAttestationURLs/domains automatically permitted direct Security Key attestation
SessionLengthLimitLimit the length of a user session
SessionLocalesSet the recommended locales for a managed session
ShelfAutoHideBehaviorControl shelf auto-hiding
ShowAppsShortcutInBookmarkBarShow the apps shortcut in the bookmark bar
ShowLogoutButtonInTrayAdd a logout button to the system tray
SignedHTTPExchangeEnabledEnable Signed HTTP Exchange (SXG) support
SigninAllowedAllow sign in to Google Chrome
SitePerProcessEnable Site Isolation for every site
SitePerProcessAndroidEnable Site Isolation for every site
SmartLockSigninAllowedAllow Smart Lock Signin to be used.
SmsMessagesAllowedAllow SMS Messages to be synced from phone to Chromebook.
SpellCheckServiceEnabledEnable or disable spell checking web service
SpellcheckEnabledEnable spellcheck
SpellcheckLanguageForce enable spellcheck languages
SpellcheckLanguageBlacklistForce disable spellcheck languages
SuppressUnsupportedOSWarningSuppress the unsupported OS warning
SyncDisabledDisable synchronization of data with Google
TabLifecyclesEnabledEnables or disables tab lifecycles
TaskManagerEndProcessEnabledEnable ending processes in Task Manager
TermsOfServiceURLSet the Terms of Service for a device-local account
ThirdPartyBlockingEnabledEnable third party software injection blocking
TouchVirtualKeyboardEnabledEnable virtual keyboard
TranslateEnabledEnable Translate
URLBlacklistBlock access to a list of URLs
URLWhitelistAllow access to a list of URLs
UnifiedDesktopEnabledByDefaultMake Unified Desktop available and turn on by default
UnsafelyTreatInsecureOriginAsSecureOrigins or hostname patterns for which restrictions on insecure origins should not apply
UrlKeyedAnonymizedDataCollectionEnabledEnable URL-keyed anonymized data collection
UsageTimeLimitTime Limit
UserAvatarImageUser avatar image
UserDataDirSet user data directory
UserDisplayNameSet the display name for device-local accounts
VideoCaptureAllowedAllow or deny video capture
VideoCaptureAllowedUrlsURLs that will be granted access to video capture devices without prompt
VpnConfigAllowedAllow the user to manage VPN connections
WPADQuickCheckEnabledEnable WPAD optimization
WallpaperImageWallpaper image
WebAppInstallForceListConfigure list of force-installed Web Apps
WebDriverOverridesIncompatiblePoliciesAllow WebDriver to Override Incompatible Policies
WebRtcEventLogCollectionAllowedAllow collection of WebRTC event logs from Google services
WebRtcUdpPortRangeRestrict the range of local UDP ports used by WebRTC
WelcomePageOnOSUpgradeEnabledEnable showing the welcome page on the first browser launch following OS upgrade