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If you have a pre-2.01 release installed (1.8.5+), you should be aware that the main things that have changes and might effect you are:
1) Your traffic overhead (being the ack packets in the reverse direction to the actual traffic, or the headers inside them) is now being clearly viewable:
You can see it on the dotted speed-graph lines + the “O:” on the bottom status bar
If your “Bandwidth->Apply rate limit to transport overhead” is enabled ( advanced->net.calc_overhead = true in pre-2.03 releases), overhead will also be counted toward your speed limit (added to your payload-data speed).
2) Support for the uTP (UDP based) protocol was added (in V2.0 and up – added out-going connections’  support)
Also, you can not choose NOT to limit only the uTP payload speed in the Bandwidth pref. dialog.
This latest release has also a bit larger amount of connection per second rate than before.
On post XP systems – the bt.max_halfopen (concurrent connection attempts) default value
was increased from 8 to 25, and both TCP AND uTP connections are being tried for every peer.
3) Files read/writes is differently handled, and your Windows disk cachemight be causing some issues (crashes/hangups/slowdown).
4) Several other default settings’ values were modified/added
[size=2]My mini-guide/suggestions for a 2.0x user:[/size]
0. If nothing works for you… :
No downloads, no seeding , active torrents are in red, no green net-status, in trackers’ tab – none are connecting… check this:
[1] If you have a router -  check that your port is still being forwarded and is opened [Control-G->setup guide] and for both TCP + UDP
[2] Check that you have enabled/excluded the new release in your Windows firewall/3rd party firewall (replacing the old rules)

A. For fixing CPU-load/memory-issues/stability:
[1] In pref.->advanced->Disk Cache  Make sure :
1a. ->Disable Windows caching of disk writes/reads – are both checked
1b. ->reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed – is unchecked
[2] Make sure pref.->advanced->gui.transparent_graph_legend is false
[3] Win7 users might experience uTorrent process not closing properly.
It is suspected to be caused by a Microsoft IPV6 issue. Those command lines can assist by disabling IPV6 in your system:
netsh int 6to4 set state disabled
netsh int teredo set state disabled

[4] On Win7 – you can also set the new advanced setting: net.disable_ipv6  = truethat supposes to prevent it.

B. For improving low speed issues:
[1] Make sure your upload speed limit is correctly set as follows:
1a. If you have “Banwidth->Apply rate limit to transport overhead“  enabled(recommended) -
set the upload limit to about 80-95% of your connection’s maximum upload-speed/cap.
This is required so to accommodate for 1) + 2) above, limiting the total of
upload-payload + download-acks-overhead
You can test your connection speed @ http://speedtest.net or use  the options->setup-guide (control-G)
1b. If you have “Bandwidth->Apply rate limit to transport overhead” - disabled -
set the upload limit to 70-80% of your connection’s maximum upload-speed/cap.
This is recommended in this case, but not required, though.
You can set it to as low as the actual seeding-payload speed you like to have.
In both cases you can use a different upload speed limit setting at  pref->bandwidth->”Alternate upload rate when not downloading
Test your download speed again now with this (test torrent…)  This step should be enough for most users that upgrade!
[2] Settings that might improve (reduce) your overhead:
2a. Set pref->advanced->net.uTP_dynamic_packet_size =false
2b. Set pref->advanced->net.utp_initial_packet_size = 8 (use MTU size)
[3] Set pref.->advanced->bt.tcp_rate_control = false
[4] If you want to try and reduce your ISP’s throttling:
Some ISPs are more “sensitive” to UPD (uTP) traffic. You can reduce the use of uTP by -
4a. Support only uTP incoming connections by setting pref->advanced->bt.transp_disposition = 29
4b. Alternatively - disable the use of uTP by pref->BitTorrent->Enable Bandwidth Management = unchecked

Finally,  For users who like to experiment with uTP – try to reset it to UNLIMITED speed disabling the new: Bandwidth->Apply rate limit to uTP connections .
The theory is that this will give you high speeds, w/o effecting other Internet traffic.
Good luck with it ! and report back here … wink

C. For improving Internet choking / router issues:
[1] First, make sure you have set a proper upload speed limit  (B.1 above) and that your max # of connections/slots are per the setup-guide
[2] Change setting per B.2a&b above
[3] Set your pref->advanced->bt.connect_speed = 5
[4] Set your pref->advanced->net.max_halfopen = 8
[5] Disable the DHT network
[6] In pref->connection – Disable NAT-PMP port mapping.
Make sure ‘uPnP port mapping’ is unchecked if you’ve manually forwarded you port in the router.

D. If you feel your multimedia player throttles your speed (Win7/Vista):
If you’ve noticed this strange behaviour (mostly with high speed connections) when running a player/recorder/streamer app -blame Microsoft… and modify/create  this registry key:
Name : NetworkThrottlingIndex
Setting to  - FFFFFFFF will make it not throttle .
Other values may adjust the amount per the above article.
E. For  minimizing possible “privacy invasion”:
Pref->general->send details when checking for updates -  unchecked
Pref->advanced->gui.report_problems – false (do not send crash reports)
Pref->advanced->gui.bypass_search_redirect – false (bypass BT inc search server when searching)
You may also look here for some more advanced methods
F. Bypassing known bugs:
1. Bug: After running for 22 days – uTorrent will not handle properly uTP connections (bad timer issue, relevant only for builds 21586 and below)
Bypass: Upgrade to the latest build, or close & open uTorrent at least once every 22 days … tongue
2. For Win 7/x64 users -  not being able to kiil uT process – see A[3-4] above …
3. Resetting Transfer Cap history – will not quit the “stopped” state , caused by the cap limitter. A bypass solution is here.
4. TBD …
G. When the speed is going over your set limits:
a. See that your Perf.->bandwidth->Apply rate limit to uTP connections is checked...
b. Enable Preferences->bandwidth->Apply  rate limit to transport overhead
c. Enable Preferences->BitTorrent->limit local peers bandwidth
d. DHT network can 'contribute' some upload rate. If you do not really need it, you can disable it, to avoid that:
    Either completely - disable Preferences ->Bittorrent->Enable DHT network,  
    or for individual torrents - in properties of the torrent.

H. For  problems downloading the “help file” :
- Get the latest copy from here
- Extract to your settings *.dat files location
- Rename to utorrent-<version-#>-<build-#>.chm
For example – for release 2.0.1 build 19248 – utorrent-201-19248.chm
for release 2.0.2 build 19648 – utorrent-202-19648.chm

I. For possibly faster one-by-one downloading of multi-files in a torrent:
This tip will assist you in  case you have multiple TV episodes inside a single torrent, and you like to download and watch the first episode(s) first.  Here is how you do it conveniently and automatically -
1. Press shift-F2  + click preferences
2. Press shift-F2  + click advanced (if not already on advanced).
http://is.gd/7nm3px )
3. You'll see a new property: bt.sequential_files. Set it "true"
You are all done. From now on - multi-torrents downloads will automatically set high priority to the first/top file downloading, and low for the rest. This way you'll get the top on the list  the fastest way.
Note: a. The downloads' order always goes by the position of the file inside the torrent.
              b. You should revert this setting to FALSE again, since the overall time to download multi-files torrents - will be LONGER!
J. For auto-extracting files after download completes:
Use the following command inside preferences->Advanced->Run-Program:
"c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe" x -ibck  "%D\*.r*" "%D"
cmd /c  start /min IF EXIST "%D\*.r*"  "c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe" x -ibck  "%D\*.r*" "%D"
Were c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe - is the location of your Winrar program.
Adding the '-ad' switch will also create a sub-folder with the rar file name.
More details are in this winrar guide: http://acritum.com/software/manuals/winrar/
If you do not have Winrar on you PC, here is another nice utility that might help you do that :http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=114772