PicasaStarter is a small application that provides a solution for a number of shortcomings of Google's Picasa, the image organisation and editing application.

Picasa without PicasaStarter has the following limitations:

Picasa doesn't allow the database and pictures to be shared among different users (not on the same computer, not in a network).
By default, Picasa puts the Picasa database in the user's private Application Data folder which is on the C: drive.
You can only use/have one database per user, choosing between multiple databases is not possible.

PicasaStarter enhances Picasa and adds the following features:

You can create any number of Picasa databases and sets of pictures. This allows you to have separate pictures /database sets for different projects or uses. For instance separate databases for vacations, hobbies, and jobs.
Databases can be created in any location, including network drives, and can be shared by multiple computers and users.
It is very easy to create a portable solution where the pictures and database are on a portable or USB drive. The only thing that must be installed on the computer is Picasa itself. This makes it possible to show and work with your pictures on any computer.
You can create Shortcuts on your Desktop to start Picasa with each database. This gives one step access to any photo / database set.

NOTE: Unfortunately Picasa is a single user application and is not designed to share databases or pictures. This means even with PicasaStarter only one user at a time can be accessing each database and it's pictures. PicasaStarter warns the user if anyone else is accessing the same database.

The latest version of PicasaStarter is 2.0. It works with Picasa Version 3.9 or later. New or enhanced features include:

Improved User Interface.
Built-in Backup solution for Pictures and Databases.
Built-in Virtual Picture Drive support.
Ability to create and install Picasa Buttons for advanced users.
No longer uses Symlinks for improved compatibility with Windows XP and up.
Button for creating shortcuts automatically.
New "AskUser" shortcut alias shows menu of DB names and descriptions.
Ability to share Settings among copies on local and network drives.
PicasaStarter minimized while Picasa is running.
Database name and description formatting enhancements.

Just check out the User Guide or Quick Start Guide, download the latest version in the "Downloads" page... and check it out!


Picasa Version 3.9 or later
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
Dot NET 2.0 or later installed
Windows 8 Requires that Dot NET 3.5 be installed