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Audio/Video problems

If you’re having problems with your audio or video, making some changes to your video will usually solve the issue.

Audio and video are out of sync

Make sure the duration of your audio and video tracks are the same. For example, if your audio is playing for 40 seconds but your video is playing for 50 seconds, that could be the cause of the problem.
You can use a third party video editor like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to change the length of your audio and video tracks.

Other problems

Step 1: Open your file with a video editing tool like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Quicktime Pro.
  • In iMovie, select Share > Export Using QuickTime
  • In Finalcut Pro, select File > Export > Using Quicktime Conversion
  • In QuickTime Pro, select File > Export > Export: Movie to QuickTime Movie
Step 2: Next, verify your settings by clicking Options
Video settings
  • Compression Type: H.264
  • Frame Rate: 30 is preferred. 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 are also acceptable.
  • Data Rate: Automatic
  • Key Frames: Automatic
  • Frame Reordering: Unchecked
Audio/Sound settings
  • Format: AAC
  • Click Show advanced settings and choose Constant Bit Rate as encoding strategy
Other settings
  • Size: Choose the original size of the video
  • “Prepare for Internet Streaming”: Fast Start

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