Windows Disable WebCacheV01.dat

I use local, the directory will be C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache.
I would like to be able to stop this caching.

Things I have tried. I have been successful at changing the security properties and disabled the inherence. Removed all users that were allowed to access webcache.dat.
Deleted the log files in webcache folder
Viewed the log caches and followed the links. Here is one of those links in the cache logs.

After completing the above, I went back to the web doing this post. The system changed webcache to webcache.old folder and started a new webcache folder.

How can I stop webcache?.

Ok how can I stop MS from using my computer to cache to all the pages. Is this Microsoft way to use our bandwidth to share data between users.


To find sujay tutorial search for, Windows – Continuous Disk Write + WebCacheV01.dat + V01.log – Issue

Credits go to Sujay
I have solved this problem, Thanks to sujay for his great tutorial
To disable webcache we need to
open Task Scheduler from Administrative Tools,
navigate to Microsoft > Windows > Wininet.
Stop and disable the task.

Second step is to delete the dcom
REGEDIT search for this GUID:{3EB3C877-1F16-487C-9050-104DBCD66683}
Delete this GUID
You will have to change the ownership to your user to be able to delete this key.

I have noticed a huge change in web browsing behavior. Since stopping and denying access and deleting webcache, I traced my line using wireshark and have discovered something. My computer was being used as a cache server for Pictures to all sorts of pages. I do not get those "I" candy pictures in my web browser now.
I also noticed in wireshark how I was able to find the true IP of the servers hosting these Images and was able to block the nameserver in my host file.
I was not able to find the IP of these servers because I was being the host, it was my IP hosting data to the browser. I now understand why I had so many packets being sent from my computer ip to router.
On a personal side, I feel lot more secure now. WHY WOULD MS ENABLE THIS BY DEFAULT?

Here is the list of servers. I included this into my hostfile.
There are more but this is suitable now.