Windows | Font Manager

Font managers are used to effectively manage a large number of fonts piled up in your system. Installing a large number of fonts on your computer system can deprive the performance of your system. Font manager is a perfect font organizer that loads only the fonts that are required and deactivates others thus maintaining system stability. It enables you to effectively arrange fonts into multiple groups, folders, and library to ease your work.

Additionally, the font manager scans your system looking out for the corrupted fonts and also repairs them. It offers a quick preview and enables you to rename the font files easily. It protects all the fonts in the system and prevents accidental deletion. Moreover, it automatically scans for the corrupted fonts and uninstalled the troublesome font caches from the system.

Nexus Font is a free font manager for Windows that offers an unmatched user interface to easily manage a wide range of fonts. The application is well designed that supports all the management tools that you would probably need for work. The software offers one-click super fast search for fonts from the large library and automatically scans for the troublesome fonts in the system. The Software offers font previews and enables you to compare different fonts in one click.