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CKEditor (formerly known as FCKeditor) is a WYSIWYG rich text editor which enables writing content directly inside of web pages or online applications. Its core code is written in JavaScript and it is developed by CKSource. CKEditor is available under open source and commercial licenses.

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CKEditor 4
To start using CKEditor 4 on your website, add a single <script> tag to your HTML page:
<script src="https://cdn.ckeditor.com/4.11.3/full/ckeditor.js"></script>

Quick example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
                <meta charset="utf-8">
                <script src="https://cdn.ckeditor.com/4.11.3/standard/ckeditor.js"></script>
                <textarea name="editor1"></textarea>
                        CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1' );

URL Structure
The URL structure for CKEditor 4 is as follows:
<script src="https://cdn.ckeditor.com/[version.number]/[distribution]/ckeditor.js"></script>